WI - Cormorant Research Group The Group - Contacts updated on 27-10-2014

Co-ordinator: Mennobart van Eerden,
Rijkswaterstaat (RIZA)
Lelystad, The Netherlands
E-mail: freebird @ flevonet.nl

Assistant co-ordinator: Rosemarie Parz-Gollner
Institut für Wildbiologie und Jagdwirtschaft
University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences
Email: rosemarie.parz-gollner @ boku.ac.at

Co-ordination European colour-ring projects: Stef van Rijn & Stefano Volponi

Stef van Rijn
Rijkswaterstaat (RIZA)
Lelystad, The Netherlands
E-mail: stefvanrijn @ live.nl

Stefano Volponi
Institute for Environmental Protection and Research (ISPRA)
Ozzano dell'Emilia (BO), Italy
E-mail: stefano.volponi @ isprambiente.it

Editors Cormorant Research Group Bulletin: Stef van Rijn & Mennobart R. van Eerden

Webmaster Cormorant Research Group website: Stefano Volponi

Newsletter Editor: Jean-Yves Paquet
E-mail: jean-yves.paquet @ aves.be