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Taxonomy & Classification

How many cormorant species are there? Existing, recently extint, fossil genera and species
Taxonomic Relationships after Johnsgard (1993)
The Sibley-Monroe classification
The Pallas' cormorant now extinct
The Kenyon's Cormorant a new species described in 1991
How to distinguish the two European races of the Great cormorant (P. c. carbo and P. c. sinsensis) within their area of overlap. [link - scientific paper]
Blue-eyed cormorants
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Fact sheets

Wing-spreading behavior
P. auritus [
link - .pdf]
How long can cormorants hold their breath underwater?
Cormorant malformations
  Cormorant hybrids

Great cormorants: predator-prey accidents
Boto et al. 2006

Photo gallery

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Video gallery

The Internet Bird Collection [external link]