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Bibliography and Literature search

SORA - Searchable Ornithological Research Archives (Auk 1884-1999, Condor 1899-2000, J. Field Ornithology 1930-1999, N. Am. Bird Bander 1976-2000, Pacific Coast Avifauna 1900-1974, Studies in Avian Biology 1978-1999, Wilson Bulletin 1889-1999)
Interactive catalog Food and Agriculture Organization - FAO
GooseRef Bibliography System
Ornithological Web Library
Find Articles a LookSmart service
Ingenta - free articles search

Books on-line

Ornithological books on-line maintained by to Tommy Tyrberg (link)
A Bibliography of Ornithology by Robert B. Payne - (links)
General Reference, Regional, Systematics, Early Evolution - Nonpasserines - Passerines

Cormorants & Allies

Cormorants Phalacrocoracidae
link Pictures of all Cormorant species from the  World Bird Gallery 
link Wing photo of some Cormorant species (Phalacrocoracidae)
  In spring 2006 I will be conducting counts of migrating seabirds past SW Norway, Cormorants and Shags pass in large numbers.
Detailed count data will be available on the net, as well as species accounts and data in downloadable files. Currently the site is under production but some cormorant and shag related data is available


Very basic accounts on Great Cormorant and European Shag occurence and migration past Skogsøy in SW Norway are availableVery basic accounts on Great Cormorant and European Shag occurence and migration past Skogsøy in SW Norway are available here:



Great Cormorant P. carbo
CA Great cormorant colonies in Quebec by Environment Canada
CH Le Grand Cormoran Travail effectué au Collège de Stael, Genève (Suisse) par M. Pereira et S. Nastasi
F Recoveries in Maine-et-Loire of birds ringed out of Maine-et-Loire (France) par Alain Fossé - LPO Anjou


Double-crested cormorant P. auritus)
All about the Double-crested cormorant U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service - Division of Migratory Bird Management
Double-crested cormorants. Site created by Debbie Chan as part of a larger project for a Biology course through McMaster University.


Blue-eyed cormorant P. atriceps)
Ten facts by E. Woehler Australian Antarctic Division

Organization: conservation & research

AU Environment Australia
CA Canadian Wildlife Service
D Institute for Biogeography
DK Department of Coastal Zone Ecology
EU European Commission - Environment
F Station Biologique de La Tour du Valat
I Centro Italiano Studi Ornitologici - CISO
ORG Food and Agriculture Organization - FAO
ORG World Conservation Union - IUCN
UK British Trust for Ornithology - BTO
UK Environmental Systems Science Centre
UK World Conservation Monitoring Centre
UK Institute of Terrestrial Ecology - ITE
UK Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust - WWT
US Alaska Department of Fish and Game - Division of Wildlife Conservation
US Environmental Protection Agency - EPA
US Fish & Wildlife Service - FWS
US Habitat Restoration Information Center
US Northern Prairie Biological Resources
US Patuxent Wildlife Research Center
US Waterbird Society
US Wildlife Society
links Wetlands International

Organization: conservation directive & agreement

Ramsar Convention on Wetlands
Convention on Biological Diversity
Convention on Migratory Species - Convention sur Espèces Migratrices - Convenio sobre Especies Migratorias

Organization: wildlife and pest management

US Animal Damage Control - APHIS/ADC
US Pest control - NCSU
US Wildlife management - Nebraska
links Wildlife management


links Electronic journals
links Many Ornithological and related periodicals from BIRDNET
links Many (all ?) Ornithological and related periodicals from the Grupo Ibérico de Anillamiento
links Ornithological journals
links Journal on Environmental and Biological Sciences
CA The Canadian Journal of Zoology
CA The Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences
IT Avocetta published by Centro Italiano Studi Ornitologici
IT Rivista Piemontese di Storia Naturale
US The Journal Experimental Biology

Ornithology: link collections and resources

links Bird links of the World  
links Bird Links to the World  
links The Global Ringing & Banding Internet Links Database  
links Sites dedicated to different Species and Families  
links Ornithology - electronic resources  
links General and Order specific resources on birds from Biosis  
link Wing photo by University of Puget Sound  
link Feather This website gives a view into the world of feathers. More than 245 species are represented last checked on December 2005
link Bird skulls On this site you will find an enormous amount of information about bird skulls and anatomy of species from the Western Palearctic and other areas from all over the world last checked on December 2005

Exchanged links

B http://www.aves.be Aves: Société ornithologique
B http://home.planetinternet.be/~pin02658
D Vogelruf.de - das Portal für Vogelbeobachter und Ornithologen (in German)
D http://www.umwelt.schleswig-holstein.de
E http://www.hot.ee/avianet/maailm.htm
F http://www.mylinea.com/lpoca L'Annuaire Ornithologique pour toutes vos recherches sur la nature et les oiseaux
I http://utenti.tripod.it/deltapo Bird in the river Po Delta area (in Italian)
SP http://organizaciones.bornet.es/gia/anillamiento
US http://academic.evergreen.edu