WI - Cormorant Research Group Scientific Literature - Proceedings 12-01-2005

Proceedings of
symposium, meetings and conferences

1985 Sweden Proceeding from the meeting CORMORANTS IN NORTHERN EUROPE. (26-27 September 1985, Falsterbo, Sweden). National Environmental Protection Board, Solna, Sweden. Pp. 96.
1991 The Netherlands Proceedings of the WORKSHOP 1989 ON CORMORANTS PHALACROCORAX CARBO. (Lelystad, The Netherlands). van Eerden M. R. & Zijlstra M. (Eds.). 1991 - Rijkswaterstaat, Lelystad, The Netherlands. Pp. 252.
1993 France Rencontre Européenne GRAN CORMORAN ET PISCICULTURE. (10-12 June 1992, Brenne France). 1993. Numéro spécial Bulletin Mensuel Office National de la Chasse, N. 178, 56 pp.
1995 Mississippi, Usa Proceeding of the Special Symposium at the Annual Meeting of the Colonial Waterbird Society (14-18 October 1992 - Oxford, Mississippi, Usa). THE DOUBLE-CRESTED CORMORANT: BIOLOGY, CONSERVATION AND MANAGEMENT. Nettleship D.N. & D.C. Duffy (Eds.). 1995. Colonial Waterbirds, 18 (Special Publication 1): 1-256.
1996 The Netherlands CORMORANTS AND HUMAN INTERESTS. Proceedings of the Workshop towards an International Conservation and Management Plan for the Great Cormorant (Phalacrocorax carbo). (3-4 October 1996, Lelystad, The Netherlands). van Dam C. & Asbirk S. (Eds.). 1997 - National Reference Centre for Nature Management, Wageningen, The Netherlands. Pp. 152.
1997 Poland Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on CORMORANTS IN EUROPE. (13-17 April 1993, Gdansk, Poland). M. Gromadzki & J. Gromadzka (Eds.). 1997 - Polish Journal of Ecology - Ekologia Polska vol. XLV, no. 1, pp. 334.
1997 Italy Proceedings of the 4th EUROPEAN CONFERENCE ON CORMORANTS. (1-3 November 1995, Bologna, Italy). N. Baccetti & G. Cherubini (Eds.). 1997 - Supplemento Ricerche Biologia Selvaggina, vol. XXVI, pp. 591.
1997 USA Symposium on DOUBLE-CRESTED CORMORANTS: POPULATION STATUS AND MANAGEMENT ISSUES IN THE MIDWEST. (9 December 1997, Milwaukee, WI). Mark E. Tobin (Ed.). USDA, APHIS, Technical Bulletin No. 1879. (look for Abstracts or download text of Oral Communications from the APHIS - NERC web site).
1999 Italy Workshop CORMORANTS: PERCEIVED PROBLEMS AND PROPOSED SOLUTIONS. XXIII annual meeting of the Waterbird Society (8-12 November 1999, Grado, Italy). Posters and three oral sessions dedicated to Pygmy (P. pygmeus), Great (P. carbo) and Double-crested (P. auritus) cormorants. Summaries available here.
2000 Germany 5th International Conference on Cormorants & 2nd Meeting of the Wetlands International Cormorant Research Group. Posters and oral sessions dedicated to P. carbo (mostly) and P. auritus. Summaries available here. Proceeding published in Spetember 2003: see how to order a copy.