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Cormorants and related taxa


Great cormorant P. carbo
Pygmy cormorant P. pygmeus
European shag P. aristotelis
Double-crested cormorant P. auritus
Other cormorants Phalacrocorax sp.
Russian literature on Cormorants 1881-1997. Compiled by J. Shergalin. Indexed by: year - author name -
An Annotated Bibliography on Cormorant Food Habit and Potential Impacts on Sport and Commercial Fisheries. Compiled by J. L. Trapp & S.L. Hanisch - [download .pdf - 161 Kb at: US-FWS - Italian mirror]
Literature on cormorants living in the Po Delta (NE Italy) Compiled by S. Volponi. (not updated)
Literature on the Great Cormorant in Italy. Compiled by S. Volponi (under prep.)